U of New England

Team Information

NameU of New EnglandMascotNor'Easters
DivisionIIILocationBiddeford, ME
ConferenceCommonwealth Coast - Maplink
Record4-6 - Weatherlink
Projected4.0-6.0Winning Out100.0%

Game Schedule

7 Sep 2019Coast GuardNEWMACIII17-27 L5-5
14 Sep 2019@ AlverniaMiddle AtlanticIII35-28 W2-8
21 Sep 2019CastletonEastern CollegiateIII31-21 W2-7
28 Sep 2019Western New EnglandCommonwealth CoastIII38-50 L9-2
5 Oct 2019@ CurryCommonwealth CoastIII31-34 L2-8
19 Oct 2019@ HussonCommonwealth CoastIII31-21 W4-6
26 Oct 2019NicholsCommonwealth CoastIII48-51 L6-4
2 Nov 2019@ Salve ReginaCommonwealth CoastIII17-53 L4-6
9 Nov 2019@ EndicottCommonwealth CoastIII7-49 L9-2
16 Nov 2019BeckerCommonwealth CoastIII24-20 W2-8

Team Statistics

Max. Points Scored48Max. Points Allowed53
Min. Points Scored7Min. Points Allowed20
Total Points Scored279Total Points Allowed354
Points Scored Mean27.900Points Allowed Mean35.400
Points Scored Std-Dev11.902Points Allowed Std-Dev13.866
Home Games Won2Home Games Lost3
Away Games Won2Away Games Lost3
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